Efficient And Actionable Results

Efficient and actionable results

we cater to clients that are looking for executive level guidance on complex problems that are not addressed well by the large consulting/advisory firms.

Rapid Analysis

Rapid analysis

We have a bias to action – rapid analysis that gets to what needs to be done

Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable solutions

Clients receive sustainable solutions to complex challenges – we help develop irreversible momentum toward success.

Force Multiplier

Force multiplier

As seasoned executives, we are a force multiplier to your leadership team – we have led complex organizations and understand the details of what it means to lead a team through challenges

Direct, Succinct And Passionate

Direct, succinct and passionate

Direct, succinct and passionate about what we do – we provide you the truth in plain language

Bureaucracy Free

Bureaucracy free

Our engagements are bureaucracy free – efficient and actionable results

Elements Leadership is a Charlotte based boutique advisory firm specializing in delivering business and leadership excellence.

Key markets:

  • Companies with manufacturing and supply chain opportunities
  • Companies with service delivery and customer service opportunities
  • Small to Mid Market companies with leadership and organizational maturity opportunities
  • Private Equity (PE) firms need Due Diligence on the technology and organizational facets of acquisition targets
  • PE and companies needing assistance in the selection of enterprise systems such as ERPs.

Our Experience:

He is an accomplished CIO running multi-million dollar projects successfully. He does this through interacting with other C level executives to set strategy, clearly setting out a plan of action and holding employees and contractors accountable to get their work done.

David KearnsMBA, PMP, ACP

Eric’s leadership helped us complete the project on time and within the budget, while minimizing downtime and impact to the business. Even when issues arose, Eric (and his team) had the ability to deal with them in an absolutely professional manner.

Wow, this guy should get your attention as he is a brilliant thought leader. Please feel confident in his coaching excellence, strategic thinking, and mindfulness in regard to workplace culture

I consider Eric’s ability to create simple but effective strategies one of his greatest strengths.

He is transparent, practices fairness in all endeavors, and leads with compassion. A well-rounded leader that has established a clear path to success. . .

J.T. McIntyerPayneWest Insurance